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Examining Oracle Cloud’s Stance on Israel: Support or Speculation?

Amid escalating tensions between Palestine and Israel, Oracle Cloud’s recent strides in fortifying its infrastructure within Jerusalem have sparked contentious debates.

This move, purportedly aimed at enhancing security measures, raises pertinent questions regarding Oracle’s stance—solid support or opportunistic exploitation?

Oracle Cloud
Oracle Cloud

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Oracle’s Dubious Investment

Oracle’s establishment of an underground cloud region in Jerusalem, flaunting its security measures against potential physical attacks, has been perceived as a provocative stance. While touting itself as the pioneer global cloud provider to set foot in the country, Oracle faces severe backlash for seemingly prioritizing security over ethical considerations in a region marred by conflict.

Oracle’s CEO, Safra Catz, unapologetically vocalized the company’s unwavering support for Israel. In doing so, she not only asserted the corporate allegiance but also hinted at a clear ultimatum for dissenting employees—a move that polarizes Oracle’s internal dynamics. This stark position adds to the ethical quagmire, signaling a potential rift within the company.

Shareholders’ Nexus: Oracle’s Financial Loyalties

A scrutiny of Oracle’s major shareholders—The Vanguard Group, BlackRock Fund Advisors, and JPMorgan Investment Management—reveals a striking correlation with Israel. These financial giants, heavily invested in Oracle, underscore the intricate financial web influencing the company’s decisions, particularly its ventures in Israel.

Entities like Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF and Vanguard 500 Index Fund, with substantial stakes in Oracle, illuminate a direct financial link between the company and Israel. This convergence highlights the murky territory where financial interests potentially sway Oracle’s engagement in a region torn by conflict.

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Oracle Reaffirms Commitment To Israel By Opening New Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (oci) Region In Jerusalem
Oracle Reaffirms Commitment To Israel By Opening New Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (oci) Region In Jerusalem

Oracle’s unflinching allegiance to Israel, underscored by strategic infrastructure investments and vocal endorsements, invites ethical scrutiny. The company’s strategic moves in Jerusalem, amidst a backdrop of ongoing conflict, have heightened tensions and fueled ethical debates.

The intertwining of financial interests through influential stakeholders further complicates Oracle’s stance, leaving its alignment with Israel embroiled in controversy and ethical ambiguity.