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Joining a Part-Time Job on Shopee Express: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Shopee doesn’t just provide a platform for online sellers but also offers delivery services under the name Shopee Express. Shopee Express is one of Shopee’s services for delivering items to customers.

With Shopee Express, online store owners can deliver orders to customers promptly, using various service options tailored to their needs. If you’re interested in becoming a part-time courier for Shopee Express, here’s how to register as a partner.

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Work System at Shopee Express

Before finding out how to become a Shopee Express courier, you need to understand how the system works at Shopee. The working system at Shopee Express involves 6 working days with 1 day off, using a shifting system. When on duty, there are several procedures to follow, such as:

  1. Shopee Express couriers come to the office according to their shift schedules.
  2. They check in for attendance.
  3. They collect shipping documents.
  4. They organize packages in vehicles according to shipping data in documents.
  5. They deliver packages to the specified destinations.
  6. They may also pick up packages from customers if necessary.
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Requirements to Become a Shopee Express Courier

Before applying, ensure that you meet the requirements to become a Shopee Express courier:

  • Male gender.
  • Minimum age of 18 and maximum age of 65.
  • Minimum education of high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Own a personal vehicle.
  • Possess a valid Driving License (SIM).
  • Have a Police Record Certificate (SKCK).
  • Have a mobile phone as a means of communication with active email and phone numbers.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Familiar with travel routes for delivering packages to customers.
  • In good physical and mental health.

How to Track Your Package:

How to Become a Shopee Express Courier

If you meet all the requirements above, here are the steps to become a Shopee Express courier:

  1. Visit the Shopee Website: Look for the registration link on the Shopee website. Choose the registration link based on your residence or living area. For example, like for Indonesia, for Malaysia, for Vietnam, for Thailand, etc.
  2. Complete the Registration Form: Fill in your personal information in the provided form, including contact information, tax identification number (NPWP), and vehicle information.
  3. Wait for the Interview Call: After filling out the form, wait for an interview call from Shopee Express. Make sure the contact information you provide is complete and active.
  4. Prepare Supporting Documents: Prepare supporting documents such as a driving license, vehicle registration, and police record certificate (SKCK) if required.
  5. Attend the Interview: Attend the interview with Shopee Express and demonstrate that you meet the requirements and are ready to become their courier.
  6. Wait for Confirmation: After the interview, wait for confirmation from Shopee Express whether you are accepted as their courier.
  7. Start Working: If accepted, you can start working as a part-time courier for Shopee Express and deliver packages to customers.
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By following the steps above, you can join Shopee Express as a part-time courier and begin your journey as a reliable and efficient delivery partner.