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Pahang Sorting Centre Shopee Express (Address & Phone Number)

Ensuring the swift and secure delivery of your packages is paramount when utilizing Shopee Express (SPX). However, encountering parcels stuck at the PHG Sorting Centre can be frustrating.

If you’re facing such an issue, this article is tailored to provide essential information about the PHG Sorting Centre, including its address, phone number, operating hours, and directions via Google Maps.

Pahang Sorting Centre
Pahang Sorting Centre

Address and Phone Number of Pahang Sorting Centre

It’s important to note that the provided address isn’t officially endorsed by Shopee Express. Instead, this information is sourced from Google Maps and Facebook, which may not be entirely accurate.

“PHG” refers to the state of Pahang in Malaysia. Hence, it’s highly likely that the PHG Sorting Centre is located within this state. Conducting research on Google Maps yielded several SPX Points and centers in Pahang. However, we couldn’t pinpoint a large warehouse responsible for processing thousands of user items.

One location we found is known as Shopee Express Jengka, situated at NO34, Jalan BDS 2, Blok Dagangan Jengka Sejahtera, 26400 Bandar Tun Razak, Pahang, Malaysia. You can visit this location using the following link: Google Maps.

For precise details regarding the PHG Sorting Centre’s location, we recommend contacting Shopee Express Customer Service. They may have the information you require.

CompanyContact Details
Shopee Customer Service[email protected]
SPX Customer Service Phone+603-2777-9222

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Understanding Parcel Processing

Parcels arriving at the PHG Sorting Centre undergo meticulous sorting procedures before being dispatched to their respective destinations. The status “Parcel has arrived at sorting facility: PHG Sorting Centre” indicates ongoing processing, with the status changing to “Parcel has departed from sorting facility” once sorting is complete.

Typically, this process takes a few hours, but occasional delays may extend it to up to a day, depending on the volume of incoming items.

Addressing Stuck Shipments and Resolutions

If your parcel remains stalled at the PHG Sorting Centre, exercising patience is crucial. Extend the delivery guarantee period and reach out to Customer Service via Live Chat, providing your tracking number or order details for assistance.

For parcels still in processing and in good condition, waiting at home and extending the guarantee period is advisable. Avoid rushing for refunds, as the process is complex and requires approval from the seller.

In cases of lost parcels or concerns about delayed deliveries, promptly request a refund. There’s no justification for sellers and Shopee to decline. Funds will be credited to your ShopeePay account within 3 x 24 hours.

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Shopee Distribution Center 1

The PHG Sorting Centre serves as a significant facility responsible for sorting and distributing parcels. There are no courier services or staff available for pickup or delivery. Attempting to collect items from this location is challenging and not recommended.

In conclusion, we hope this article proves beneficial to those encountering issues with parcels stuck at the PHG Sorting Centre. While we couldn’t provide an exact location, we trust this information aids in resolving your concerns. Stay updated on the official Shopee Express SPX website for the latest information.