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Shopee SPX Perak Sorting Centre Location: Address and Phone

Shopee Malaysia has become synonymous with convenience, offering its customers reliable courier services through Shopee Express (SPX). However, parcels occasionally find themselves stalled at the PRK Sorting Centre, prompting users to seek information regarding its location and operations.

In this article, we provide insights into the address and directions to the PRK Sorting Centre Shopee Express, along with essential details for users awaiting deliveries.

Spx Perak Sorting Centre
SPX Perak Sorting Centre

Location and Contact Information for SPX Perak Sorting Centre

The PRK Sorting Centre, recognized as the largest package processing center in Perak, holds a significant role in the Shopee Express network. While no official information is available, Google Maps indicates its location at Lot 8737, 5 1, 4 Miles, Jln Lahat, 31500 Lahat, Perak, Malaysia.

Referred to as Shopee Xpress SOC PRK, users can access its location via this link: Google Maps. Despite limited details, images shared by users on Google Maps confirm its operation under SPX, showcasing a myriad of delivery trucks bearing the Shopee Express logo.

CompanyContact Details
Shopee Customer Service[email protected]
SPX Customer Service Phone+603-2777-9222

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Understanding Parcel Processing

The term “PRK” derives from “Perak,” signifying the state where the sorting center is situated. Parcels arriving at the PRK Sorting Centre undergo meticulous sorting procedures before being dispatched to their respective destinations.

Shopee app users can track their parcel’s status, with a status indicating “Parcel has arrived at sorting facility: PRK Sorting Centre” denoting ongoing processing. Typically, this process takes around 1 x 24 hours, but delays may occur during peak periods, especially during promotional events.

Addressing Stuck Shipments and Resolutions

Customers encountering stalled parcels are advised to exercise patience and wait for the estimated delivery date provided by Shopee Express. Extending the delivery guarantee period and contacting customer service for updates are recommended steps. In cases of prolonged delays or unsuccessful deliveries, customers may request a refund through the Shopee app.

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Shopee Delivery 2

While direct pick-up at the PRK Sorting Centre is not permitted due to its nature as a bustling warehouse processing thousands of parcels daily, users can rely on the provided address and Google Maps for navigation.

However, for issues regarding stuck parcels or inquiries about the sorting center, reaching out to Shopee Express customer service is the best course of action. Through effective communication and understanding, users can navigate the delivery process with confidence and anticipation of their awaited parcels.